New to Woo? Here's a rundown of spiritual words, phrases, and concepts*.


Definition: More than enough of something.

Theory: The Universe is infinitely abundant. There is more than enough of everything to go around for everyone. Enough money, enough opportunities, enough love. You should never worry that The Universe is keeping score and will cut you off once you "get your fill." The Universe wants you to be happy and fulfilled and it will provide to you all that you need. You are abundant.


Definition: Being in agreement or alliance.

Theory: Alignment happens when your thoughts and actions support the path toward your Higher Self. You may not understand exactly "what it takes" to be in alignment, but you'll know you're in it when your efforts seem effortless and you feel like you're in the flow. Alignment is a state to which we should all aspire, as that is where the magic happens and life gets really, really good.

Angel Numbers

Definition: Number combinations or sequences, often seen repeatedly.

Theory: Each number has a vibration and carries with it a meaning or a set of descriptive traits. When a number or number sequence appears regularly in your awareness, your angels are trying to get your attention and/or give you a message. Pay close attention to repeating sequences and use the Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers website (my favorite!) to look up the meanings.


Definition: Study/exploration of the movements and positions of planets and other celestial bodies to determine how they influence humans, the world, and various states of affair.

Theory: This one is pretty deep, but by determining the position of the planets at the exact time of your birth--plus how they're transiting at present--you can find out a lot about who you are, what you're here to accomplish, and how you can use the planetary energies for your benefit and to help serve others.


Definition: The centers of spiritual power through which energy flows, found throughout the human body.

Theory: There are seven chakras in our body, each of which represent a "theme." If one (or more) of your chakras are blocked, you may be impeding growth, health, happiness, pleasure, or abundance. Fortunately, there is a way to heal the chakras and keep the energy flowing. Learn the very basics about the 7 chakras from MindBodyGreen.

Crystals/Crystal Energy

Definition: Stones found in nature and the energetic properties they possess and emit.

Theory: Each crystal has a unique vibration and may be used for healing and/or drawing a desired energy or result to your soul, chakras, or physical body. There are crystals that attract change, creativity, health, money, positivity, abundance, spiritual growth, and more.

Law of Attraction

Definition: The Law of Attraction states that everything is energy and like attracts like.

Theory: This is one of the biggest, hugest, most ginarmous concepts you can possibly work to wrap your head around. And it might take work because, like the Law of Gravity, you can't actually see the process happening, but you trust that it does. You haven't flown off the earth yet, have you? (No, you have not.) So you need to apply the same thought process when it comes to the Law of Attraction. Believe in it and believe that your positive thoughts have created the positive things in your life and your negative thoughts have created the negative. 

I'll be working on a nice, meaty blog post on the Law of Attraction, but for now, this is a great LOA article from HuffPost.


Definition: Focusing on awareness at any given moment; the state of consciousness and presence.

Theory: In my mind, mindfulness is all-encompassing and includes all the things that help you to be present at any given moment OR is the act of thinking about something before performing it. From meditation


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* The "definitions" above come from informational and authoritative sources, but are written here as interpreted by me. You may read definitions on other sites that are similar . . . or completely different. Once you learn about the topic, you may come up with your own definitions. This Woocyclopedia is meant to be a jumping-off point and provide a basic point of reference. The rest is up to you and your soul. <3